My name is Eleanor Janega (Dr Janega, if you’re nasty), and for my sins I am a medieval historian. More specifically, I specialise in late medieval sexuality, apocalyptic thought, propaganda, and the urban experience in general, and in central Europe more particularly. I have taught (and still teach) medieval and early modern history at a number of universities across London.

Going Medieval is what I do for fun because I am a sad, sad medievalist, and I want other people to be as weird as me about things. It exists to explain the medieval influences on the every day world, and hopefully to get people through the every day grind of life in late stage capitalism.

If you want more of this premium content, you can consider ordering my upcoming The Middle Ages, A Graphic History due on Icon this summer and available for preorder in the UK here, and in America here.

Otherwise my work can be found in History Today, at the BBC History magazine, at sex education websites such as BISH, and on discerning erotica sites such as Frolic Me. (Yeah I said it. Your fav could never.) I am also all over TV and the radio whenever someone needs to talk about medieval dicks.

Still not enough? You can get at me over at twitter.

Don’t say I never did anything for you.