Medieval policing and race reading lists

It has been a heavy week as we in the global north struggle with our collective legacies of racism and heavy handed policing. Some of my colleagues of colour are working on a piece for the blog about race and racism in the medieval period and in medievalist circles now, which will be published ASAP. Until then, for an overview I have compiled some academic reading lists for you. I have tired, where possible, to supply online materials.

Happy reading, and solidarity.

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On Medical Milestones, Being Racist, and Textbooks, Part I

Because my family allegedly loves me very much, and shows that by sending me screen shots of things that are guaranteed to wind me up, my cousin sent me a screen shot from her actual fucking university level textbook this weekend. This particular picture was so wrong, so ignorant, and has wound me up for so many reasons that I am going to have to spread my rage about it over two blog posts.

Are you ready for it?

You are not.

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