More Black Death Opinions, now at the Washington Post

Because I am a fancy lady, I have yet another read on Black Death positivisim over at The Washington Post. Please read and enjoy it. I am sorry, there is no swearing.

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Author: Dr Eleanor Janega

Medieval historian, lush, George Michael evangelist.

2 thoughts on “More Black Death Opinions, now at the Washington Post”

  1. I like how at the bottom of the piece (when I read it) it has in the ‘others of note’ a link to the George Will piece that uses the supposed wage increase, after the Black Death, to denounce the ‘inequality bad’ idea, as a true conservative always will.
    And then, gives a bunch of pablum about “inequality is good (or really, not all bad)”, in which Thomas Picketty wrote a whole book, with actual data (not just right-wing-think-tank-say-so), which notes the complete opposite — the rich staying rich is getting worse, even historically.
    Including Will noting that many ‘top 1%’ are not in later generations; only at the end of that paragraph noting the number that go from lower to upper. All with no comparison to other countries which US is usually at the bottom of social mobility compared to Europe, et al. I guess ‘stand a top history yelling stop’ is evergreen. What else do they have?


    1. Such a good point. It is interesting to watch the ways in which they twist history in order to prove that there is no real inequality, just good old fashioned egalitarianism, which they happen to benefit from! You can tell they are elites because of their wonderful grasp of history, you see.


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