Doing it Right – A Short Introduction to Medieval Sex for Nerd Nite

I had the pleasure of talking medieval sex for Nerd Nite this week. If you want to check out the video I can do that for you!

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Author: Dr Eleanor Janega

Medieval historian, lush, George Michael evangelist.

2 thoughts on “Doing it Right – A Short Introduction to Medieval Sex for Nerd Nite”

  1. Great talk, very humorous and very factual, heavy on the sexy swearing that I love. One question I have is about the clerical fascination with dildos (which is a sentence I never thought I would write). Did they believe that women could have sex with other women without penetration by a penile substitute, and was that considered sodomy? I seem to recall someone explaining to Queen Victoria about lesbians, and her puzzled question “but what is it they do?” I know, modern era, but did the medieval clergy have the same ignorance about woman/woman sex?


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