The Medieval Podcast – Medieval Sexuality with Eleanor Janega

The Medieval Podcast – Medieval Sexuality with Eleanor Janega

I was lucky enough to spend some time chatting with Danièle Cybulskie on The Medieval Podcast the other week. Have a listen if you want to know exactly, why widows were so sexy, why it can be hard for us to find our LGBT friends in medieval texts, and what the nicest looking dildo in the medieval period was made from.

Those who may be interested in finding their very own medieval pilgrim vulva badge are encouraged to check here and here for starters. You can also join the phallus tree badge crew thanks to Alison Atkin over here.

For more on sex in the medieval period see:

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Sex and the (medieval) city: social hygiene and sex in the medieval urban landscape

These hoes ain’t loyal – on prostitutes and bad bitches in medieval and hip hop culture

Author: Dr Eleanor Janega

Medieval historian, lush, Kendrick Lamar enthusiast.

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