Podcast alert – Medieval Contraception at Medievalists.net

I had the great pleasure of sitting down with my friend Danièle Cybulskie over at medievalists.net to chat about medieval contraception. We talked about the ins and outs of getting pregnant, as well as various methods by which you might not. We also talk about that the Church thinks about that – and its reactions might surprise you.

We also, of course, cover sex more generally including a discussion of one of my favourite people of all time, the heretic Beatrice who is essentially swayed to what we call Catharism by a number of very persistent guys who use it as an excuse to sleep with her.

If you enjoy my work, I do recommend that you check out medievalists.net as well. Their stuff is really great and a number of my talented colleagues can be found there doing great work.

If you enjoyed this, please consider contributing to my patreon. If not, that is chill too!

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Author: Dr Eleanor Janega

Medieval historian, lush, George Michael evangelist.

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